Band Bios

Carbon 40 can trace its roots back to the late 90's, when Joshua Bennett, Andrew Cronk, and Paul Hosom formed the rock trio Cold Fusion. Although Andrew departed the band in 2002, Cold Fusion continued with a rotating cast of characters until 2005. Josh and Paul cycled through several other bands, followed by a two-year break, during which Josh continued to write new material. They reunited with Andrew in 2011, joined by mutual friends Tim Kutscha and David Carlson. Having never been in a rock band before, neither Tim nor Dave presumably had any idea what they were in for. ;) 

Note: As of 2018, both Paul and Tim are on indefinite hiatus from actively performing. However, they continue to contribute to Carbon 40's musical output in the studio, as can be heard on the band's debut album, "The Fireman's Daughter".

Josh, Andrew, and Dave continue to perform in both public and private venues in solo, duo, and trio arrangements.


Joshua Bennett 

Josh has been writing songs for the better part of two decades, and it shows. Josh’s often deceptively simple songs belie an innate sense of prosody, fitting words and melody into a seamless whole; they are easy to hear and hard to ignore. The music will stick in your head, but the lyrics will get under your skin and find their way to your heart. Josh sings lead vocals while holding down the low end as Carbon 40’s bass player. In live performance, he frequently switches to guitar, and he even occasionally breaks out a harmonica for a mean and dirty blues-rock solo.

Paul Hosom 

Paul is a precision rhythm machine: you could set your watch to his beat. More than merely a crack timekeeper, however, Paul makes superb use of the full dynamic range of his instrument. While noted for his light touch and his often subtle, expressive playing, he’s also ready to bring the thunder and the lightning at a moment’s notice.

Andrew Cronk

Andrew is the harmonic center of the band. His solid, capable rhythm guitar provides the scaffolding for the other instruments to build upon. Meanwhile, he does double-duty on backing vocals, developing the band's signature harmonies. His friendship with Josh spans three decades. It is safe to say that if it weren’t for Andrew’s encouragement, Josh would never have tried his hand at music.

Tim Kutscha

Tim holds the first – and only – violin chair in Carbon 40. A classically trained violinist, Tim provides both high, soaring harmonies over stately ballads and the nimble, incisive counterpoint often heard in the punchier numbers. Occasionally known to step out and take a violin solo, Tim will even step up to the mic from time to time.

David Carlson

Dave is a keyboard wizard who holds down the ivory for C40 while simultaneously holding up expensive Scotch. Originally trained as a classical violist, Dave took up piano at a young age and soon began to devour orchestral scores by the dozen. As with Tim, joining a rock band represented a monumental paradigm shift from his prior musical education, but he tackled the project with gusto, sheet music be damned. Additionally, Dave leverages his classical background to serve as Carbon 40’s de facto arranger.




Carbon 40 From front to back: Andrew Cronk, Joshua Bennett, Tim Kutscha, David Carlson, and Paul Hosom