A lawyer, an engineer, a computer scientist, a high school principal, and a philosopher walk into a bar...

They load in, set up, and proceed to rock the house for 90 minutes straight!

*   *   *

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. If not, don’t feel bad: neither did the band. 

Carbon 40 are the patron saints of late bloomers everywhere. Formed in 2011 – the year that the youngest band members completed their fortieth trip around the sun – the group could easily have ended up a mere punchline to a midlife-crisis joke. 

Instead, this unlikely union of a rock power trio with a pair of classically-trained orchestral musicians harnessed their hard-won life lessons to a raw, driving beat, embellished it with a layer of musical sophistication, and polished it to a high sheen. 

The result sounds like a tattooed biker in an Armani suit, sitting at the back of the room and sipping a glass of Pinot Grigio while discreetly keeping an eye on the door. That sound, coupled with Joshua Bennett’s wry, insightful, sometimes poignant lyrics, has made avid fans of listeners ages eight to ninety-eight. 

Don’t be too surprised if they make a fan of you, too.

Carbon 40's debut album, "The Fireman's Daughter", now available for digital download!

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